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Rutu Mody-Kamdar runs a boutique branding and marketing consulting practice in Mumbai, helping clients build, manage and transform their business through their brands. Having worked on over 30 brands across industries, Rutu brings cross category learnings and functional expertise to the team. Her work spans the areas of consumer research and insight mining, brand and marketing strategy, experience design, marketing planning, communication planning, brand portfolio management, brand equity research and internal brand training & alignment.

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Workshops on branding conducted
across Germany, France and India

Rutu conducts 3-5 day participative workshops for management students in India and abroad. Her workshops are intensive, facilitated sessions where students take on the role of brand managers working on live case studies. At the end the workshop, the case studies are demonstrated in the form of exhibits open to industry, students and academicians.

To custom design a workshop with Rutu email her at

  • "Rutu exhibits a high sense of professionalism in every aspect of her work. We have worked on joint pitches and she is as dependable in her commitments as she is creative in her solutions – which leads to effective results every time. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a branding expert – however complex the issue may be. Looking forward to working with her again at the next opportunity!"

    Naimish Dave, Director, OC&C Strategy Consultants
  • "I was lucky to be introduced to Rutu Mody-Kamdar by the Direction of International Relations in the Rouen Business School. Her reputation as a highly innovative and committed instructor in Brand Marketing convinced me to invite her to teach a 4-day seminar in the programme that I run. The seminar in fact concluded the programme and it was thereforeof additional emotional value to all the participants, being the last one on a year-long curiculum. The students described her course as "simply unforgettable". Her knowledge, skill and the way she invests herself in guiding others to explore new ways of thinking are remarkable."

    Marina Bastounis, Head of Studies, Master of Science in Global Management , Rouen Business School, France
  • "Rutu has been of great help in our journey at KRChoksey; She helped us in re-making our logo and strengthening our brand presence. Her in-depth approach in understanding the business, its stake holders and their requirements and how they perceive KRChoksey, has been wonderfully branded by her as KRChoksey - wealth enhancement solutions As we travel miles, we carry a deep sense of pride and satisfaction of meeting investors' expectations and our brand conveys our true values to the world. Rutu's integrated brand studio will surely meet customers' aspirations of placing them in the minds of their stakeholder and would help them grow under the sound fundamentals under which she serves them"

    Deven Choksey, Managing Director, KRChoksey Shares and Securities
  • "McDonalds did extensive kids research with Rutu Mody-Kamdar in 2007. Rutu brought rich insight and quality research to the table. Many of her findings found their way into the brands planning efforts."

    Rameet Singh Arora, Senior Director, Hardcastle Restaurants (McDonald's, India)
  • "Over the last one and a half years I have come to depend completely on Rutu's expertise in the area of Branding & Brand Management. Whether it is a fresh creation starting with the brand name itself or a revitalizing of an existing brand, I know I can entrust Rutu with any challenge related to Branding. What impresses me most about her is the depth of understanding that she has about the subject and the speed at which she works. It is truly a pleasure working with a professional like Rutu"

    Kiran Ajwani, Managing Director, Innoesis Business Management
  • "Over the last decade I have been associated with Rutu on 3 different projects in as many different sectors. I find her research work to be thorough and client brief to be very precise. Most importantly, she makes it a very smooth experience for the client through simple milestones, finishing projects in a tight schedule. She gets immersed with the brand from conception to making it a desired identity of the business and people behind the brand. In one line, Rutu's branding goes an extra mile to turn an SME into a large corporate."

    Jigar Shah, Senior Vice President and Head of Research, Kim Eng Securities
  • "Changing brand identity was a challenging project for us at erstwhile Sarla Polyester especially when your employees and clients are wedded to the old identity. Rutu's understanding of our transformation into a high value added performance yarn company has been very accurate. She conveyed the need for change very well through her brief and her work both. For our employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers the change in brand identity, logo has been refreshing and smooth. Our vibrant new colors well represent our present and future, while maintaining our past values. Working with Rutu has been a pleasant experience indeed for all of us."

    Sunil Jhunjhunwala, Vice President, Sarla Performance Fibers
  • "I call Rutu Mody-Kamdar a brand doctor, who has helped us unveil and unlock the value which we carried in our 3 decades old family business. Everyday we realise the importance of 'umbrella branding' and 'internal branding' through which we hope to realise our vision"

    Parag Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director, Evolute Group of Companies

Natural Ice Creams

Services: Research, Strategy, Training

Natural Ice Creams is one of the most prominent and well known ice cream brands, specialising in hand churned traditional ice creams. Having over 25 years of brand equity in the Indian market, Natural's enjoys a high level of brand awareness and brand loyalty amongst its consumers. However, newer formats in the dessert category and also local brands are posing as tough competition for the brand.  

The project involved consumer research amongst the key target segments of Natural Ice Creams to identify lifespace, consumption habits, motivations and triggers associated with ice creams. A competitive scan was also done to reveal likely gaps in the market. The results were analysed and collated along with the corporate DNA of Natural Ice Creams to arrive at a brand positioning and identity platform.

Tata Chemicals

Services: Research, Strategy

Tata Chemicals farm products division was keen to identify the equity of Rallis, TKS and Metahelix (along with product brands) in the customers mind and identify the relative positioning of each brand entity in the brand portfolio mix. The study also involved creating a brand hierarchy system that clarified the brand portfolio mix that could maximise the sales equity of each individual brand and product.  

We approached the study by conducting a large quantitative + qualitative research study amongst farmers across India. The research study provided insights into the current equity of each individual brand in the mind of the customer. Based on the insights, a brand architecture and portfolio planning strategy was suggested to the group.


Services: Research, Strategy

McDonald's India had been in India for over a decade but were losing footfalls amongst their children segment and their popular Happy Meals product. A deeper understanding of the target audience was required to identify key lifestyle trends, cultural shifts, peer group and family influences. Also an assessment of the brand image amongst children was needed to evaluate the position vis a vis other exciting happenings in a child’s life.

A large qualitative child centric research was conducted amongst children and parents in Mumbai. The research used several innovative methods such as games, playgroups, workshops and ethnographic observational research to gain an insight into children’s worlds. The findings pointed to several innovations that the brand could enter into as well as derived the right communication codes to talk to the young target audience. The research was followed by a brainstorming session with the client where several strategic roadmaps were discussed and debated.


Services: Research, Strategy, Design, Training

Rustomjee is one of Mumbai’s foremost real estate developers. With projects spanning the city of Mumbai and its outskirts, Rustomjee has established itself as a credible, trustworthy brand in this highly competitive market. Rutu Mody-Kamdar has been involved with the development of the brand right from 2008, where she worked on consumer insight mining, brand strategy formulation, brand enculturation, communication planning and execution across the various projects in the portfolio. Over the years, Rustomjee has been successful in gaining considerable brand equity due to its diligent brand planning, brand integration and communication across all its projects.

Currently Rutu Mody-Kamdar leads the team on areas related to brand strategy, corporate communications, consumer research, digital marketing and content marketing and also handles the marketing activities of the large township project under the brand’s portfolio.

Sterling Holidays

Services: Strategy

Sterling Holidays Resorts is one of the first companies in India to introduce the concept of ‘vacation ownership’. Spread over 19 resorts in some of the most scenic destinations across the country, Sterling has become the preferred choice amongst families who want to avail of the membership programme or be a one-time hotel guest. In an initiative to provide a richer, holistic experience to families and specifically children, Sterling Holiday Resorts was keen to explore the possibility of creating branded spaces in their environment that foster the concepts of healthy family time for children and adults alike.

We were involved in developed a branded concept driven theme that could cut through various age groups and destinations and explore the multiple areas of touchpoints where this theme could be articulated. We introduced the ‘Go Club’ as a thematic space that explores the many facets of nature in each resort’s local setting.

Nookad Nation by Sayaji Foods

Services: Research, Strategy, Training

Sayaji Foods is a new business venture by the Sayaji Group (also known for brands such as Barbeque Nations, Sayaji Hotels, Ruosh Shoes). Sayaji Foods is planning its foray into the quick service restaurant market with a chain of Indian snack food stores that promote local Indian street food. In its next phase, the company plans to roll out a brand of packaged snack foods in the market.  

We have been involved in formulating the right brand strategy for this new brand based on the extensive research that we started off on the company, the brand and the market of snack foods in India. Consumer research was conducted amongst the target audience and the insights mined were analysed in conjunction with the company’s business plans and goals. A detailed brand strategy that articulated the brand’s position, brand identity, tone of voice, visual and verbal mood, consumer experience mapping, product planning, space and layout planning, service delivery and communication design was implemented.

Johnson & Johnson's Internal Branding

Services: Strategy, Design

Johnson & Johnson, the leading healthcare brand had an internal requirement of safeguarding the brand against fraudulent activities like copyright infringement, fake products and tampering. The Global Brand Protection Team was an internal team dedicated towards identifying these threats and safeguarding the brand against them. In order to transfer the message effectively across the employees in the South East Asia region, it was imperative to create a companywide internal communication campaign that would inform, educate and sensitize employees towards these threats and turn them more vigilant.  

The project involved creating communication material internally to spread the message and provide for ways to curb these activities.

Dunkin Donuts

Services: Research, Strategy

Dunkin Donuts, a leading American quick service restaurant chain entered India in the year 2012, in collaboration with Jubiliant FoodWorks (Dominoes Pizza). Rutu Mody-Kamdar was a part of the team that created the launch strategy and plan for the brand in the Indian market.  

An extensive consumer research was undertaken across the country where qualitative insights were mined from the target audience on lifespace, consumption habits, needs, motivations and decision making towards eating out. Several brainstorming workshops were conducted with the client, and a detailed brand strategy- that involved brand positioning, brand identity framework and personality, consumer touchpoint mapping and experience journey, product and service planning and communication design were established.